Lima Locomotive Works C&O H-8 Allegheny


The world's heaviest steam locomotive at 1.5 million pounds

The world's most powerful steam locomotive at 7,500 horsepower

Unique 2-6-6-6 wheel arrangement with a massive firebox

Tender capacity: 25,000 pounds of coal and 25,000 gallons of water (about 100,000 pounds of water) - good enough for about three hours of operation at a coal burn rate of approximately 8,000 pounds of coal per hour

An Allegheny would typically pull 160 ore hoppers with 50,000 tons of coal per hopper - a load of some 16 million pounds, over ten times the weight of the locomotive. At the time of their construction each Allegheny cost almost $250,000. A total of 60 Allegheny locomotives were built. The initial Allegheny locomotives turned out to be heavier than originally estimated, but employees at the Lima Locomotive Works adjusted their weight scales to indicate a lighter weight than the locomotive actually weighed. The C&O would later sue the Lima Locomotive Works and win a $3M settlement after C&O's engineers demanded back pay when they discovered the locomotives were heavier than originally published - the C&O engineers were paid in proportion to the weight of the locomotives they ran. Imagine building sixty massive locomotives resulting in sales revenues of almost $15M and then losing a $3M settlement. Lima Locomotive Works reported a net loss over the sixty Allegheny locomotives they produced.

Below are photos of the C&O's No. 1601 H-8 Allegheny as preserved at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI

Only two Allegheny locomotives survive in 2005, the second one having been stored outside at the B&O museum in Maryland until recently.

(A walk around Allegheny No. 1601.)


(Allegheny valve gear in HD.)

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(Page 3 of the Allegheny photos includes pictures of the cab recently opened to the public in 2008)

Front drivers on right side of locomotive Valve oil Right front cylinder and drivers
Imagine this view with the Allegheny under steam Angled number plates, bell and compressors Pilot truck and left front cylinder
Left front cylinder and drivers Left front drivers and valve gear Rearmost of left front drivers
Left rear cylinder and rear left front driver Left rear drivers Left rear drivers
Firebox and trailing truck Left side under the cab The front is way down there
Tender truck Tender trucks Tender trucks
Tender trucks Tender trucks Left rear of tender
Rear of tender and coupler Left rear drivers in front of firebox Tender right side
Right side under cab, note the H-8 in the lower right from the 1601 numbers Tender right side Left rear drivers' valve gear
Front of firebox Left rear cylinder Left front drivers, rear wheel
  Left front cylinder Left front cylinder
Left front cylinder Pilot truck attachment to frame Right front sand nozzles
Right side of cab "H-8" C&O's designation for the Allegheny Locomotive to tender coupling
Locomotive to tender coupling-tender on right Rear tender coupler Rear of tender
Rear of tender with coal and water capacities Tender journal Tender truck
Locomotive to tender coupling-tender on left Locomotive to tender coupling Locomotive to tender coupling
Number plate and compressor Number plates, bell, headlight and compressors Pilot coupler
Pilot nameplate Rail-eye view of front of Allegheny Left rear drivers
Left front cylinder and pilot truck Tender lettering Right front cylinder
A stroll down the right side of the locomotive - cab Forward of the cab Just starting to see rear sand dome
Rear sand dome Rear sand dome Front sand dome
Almost to the front of the locomotive The front right side of the locomotive Right front angled shot
Wider right front angled shot Headlight, angled number plates, compressors The front of the mighty Allegheny H-8


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For more information on and photos of the C&O Allegheny visit the C&O Historical Society